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Introductory Rate!

We know times are tough and every dollar spent on advertising must be spent wisely.  This is why we are providing an inexpensive one month trial. In that month you will see for yourself how Sqoolquarium is a cost-effective advertising solution! Advertising with us will help you effectively market your education related products, websites, and services to the K-12 education audience.

Terms of the Special Offer:
  • 1st position in the category of your choice for 30 days*
  • You may add as many listings as you need.  Each listing will cost $30.00 USD. You must choose the introductory rate of $30.00 USD on the order form.
  • Near the end of the 30 days, you will be given the option to continue advertising with us at the standard rates.
  • If you choose to discontinue advertising, your listing will remain in our database, but it will not be give premium status.
Reading through the information provided on the links below will allow you to quickly advertise with us.
Questions?  Send an email to admin@sqooltechs.com  or call 800-516-0544.

        *Based on availability

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