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Sqoolquarium Advertising FAQs

Why advertise with Gamequarium and Sqooltechs?

Gamequarium is the largest human-edited directory of learning games. It is known by educators as the place to search for high quality, interactive educational games and activities. Gamequarium ranks on the first page of major search engine results, usually in the top 3, when searching for subject and topic specific educational games. Educators have discovered that educational games are an effective way to engage today's digital learners and are continually integrating more of these games into instruction.

The SqoolTechs suite of sites are quickly becoming known for high quality, well organized curricular resources including videos, ebooks, printables, whiteboard resources and many other educational resources.

The Sqoolquarium directory and search engine offers an advertising environment that promotes contextual relevancy while improving visibility and impact. Advertisers can leverage the trust established by Gamequarium and SqoolTechs by creating branded content messages that can be embedded within a specific directory subject/topic pages.

Branded messages are an innovative alternative in an advertising saturated marketplace. They reach consumers when they are searching for specific, relevant information.

What is Sqoolquarium?

Sqoolquarium is a comprehensive education search engine. It combines the resources of  the following websites:

Gamequarium, Gamequarium Jr., Gamequarium Math, Gamequarium Lab, Readquarium, Gamequarium Science GLEs, SqoolTube, SqoolLibrary, SqoolPrintables, and TeacherClicks.

Who is the SqoolTechs Team?

The SqoolTechs Team is a group of educators consisting of Diana Dell, Kevin McCarthy, and Vince Szewczyk. Our mission is reflected in the acronym "Sqool" which stands for "Supporting Quality Online Opportunities for Learning." Read more.

Who is the audience for your websites?

The content of all of our websites is educational.  We provide a wide a variety of instructional resources including learning games, videos, ebooks, printables, and whiteboard resources.  This draws an audience consisting of educators, students, and parents from around the world.

Below is a cluster map that shows the distribution of our audience:

What advertising opportunities are available?

We  are offering a variety of opportunities including sponsored listings, banner ads, text links, subject area ads and site-wide ads on all of our individual sites.

We have automated the process of adding sponsored listings.  Instructions are provided.  For all other advertising opportunities, please contact us by email at 

admin@sqooltechs.com  or call 800-516-0544.

How does advertising in the directory work?

Advertiser content is placed into the database and is deployed like the other content sources on our pages. Through premium listing, advertisers can display their digital content in-line with other Gamequarium data sources. Your content will appear both in the directory as well as in the search results. Once you purchase a premium link, you can monitor the hits, votes, and comments received by directory users. The content of your unit can be modified any time you choose to do so.

Sponsored Listing Icon

All sponsored listings are displayed with the image above. This image attracts attention to your listing. In addtion, your listing can display a thumbshot of your website or an image that you upload. You buy the position that your listing appears in the directory for the category that you choose. All units are purchased on a 6 month term and are offered based on availability.  You will received notification before the end of your term and will be able to preserve your listing's position by renewing before expiration.


What are the rates and terms for sponsored listings?

Gamequarium's and SqoolTechs' small staff and low overhead costs make it possible to provide affordable advertising opportunities for any size business.

Premium listings are purchased for a period of 6 months.  You purchase the position where would like your listing to appear in the directory category of your choice.

Position  Rate
First Position $330 USD
Second Position $275 USD
Third Postion $220 USD
Fourth Postion $165 USD
Fifth Position $110 USD


How do I create a sponsored listing?

Create an account by completing this form. You will then receive an email message that contains a link that will allow you to activate your account.

Follow these simple steps to add a sponsored listing:

Step 1:  Login in and click "Add Premium URL".  Complete the form by providing the details of your listing.

Step 2:  Choose the desired position and make a secure online payment using Paypal or a major credit card.

That's it!  Within 24 hours (usually much less) we will review your sponsored listing, add it to the directory, and notifiy you of its inclusion.

Are sponsored listings ever rejected?

Yes, sponsored listings are rejected for the following reasons:

- Content is objectionable or not appropriate for our audience.
- The link has no educational value.
- The link has been submitted to the wrong category.
- The description of the link is not appropriate.
- The link does not abide by our submission guidelines.

Once I create a sponsored listing, can it be edited during the term?

Yes, your listing can be edited at any time during the term.  Simply login to your account and click the "Links" tab.  Locate the link you wish to edit and click the "Modify" tab that appears below the link.  Make the desired changes and click the "Apply Changes" button.

Note that all modifications are reviewed  before the changes are applied.  Within 24 hours, (usually much less) you will receive an email when the changes have been applied to your listing.


I already have a listing but I want to make it a sponsored listing. Can I do that?

Yes, but you will need our assistance.  Follow the steps above. After you have paid for the sponsored link, send an email to admin@sqooltechs.com.  In the email, tell us the category and name of the link, the link url, and your name.  We will manually  make the changes in the database.

What happens to the listing if I don't renew it?

If you allow your sponsored listing to expire, it will remain in the directory but will lose its position.  The position that your listing held will immediately be made available to other advertisers.

You will receive an email to remind you that it is time to renew your listing. Renewing your listing in a timely manner will allow you to keep your desired position.

How can we contact you?

Email: admin@sqooltechs.com  (Preferred method of communication)
Phone: 800-516-0544
Snail Mail:  SqoolTechs, LLC, 331 Fairview Drive, Union, MO 63084

I forgot my password or username. How can I retreive it?

Enter your email address on this form and it will be sent to you.

If you'd like to speak to an advertising representative to answer questions or maximize your advertising plan, please use the contact information below.

Questions?  Send an email to admin@sqooltechs.com  or call 800-516-0544.

Contact: SqoolTechs, LLC, 331 Fairview Drive, Union, MO 63084
Phone: 800-516-0544 , Fax: 888-467-8241, Email: admin@sqooltechs.com
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